Health Canada Exemption Approved

As of July 4th, 2023, the Companionship of the Sacred Vine has been granted an exemption by Health Canada to conduct legal ayahuasca ceremonies. DETAILS HERE.

The Companionship of the Sacred Vine

There are many sacred indigenous traditions in the Amazonian basin that pre-date recorded history, the establishment of countries and the western subjugation of the Americas.

The Companionship of the Sacred Vine follows the traditional Shipibo religion of the Amazon basin and works directly with our Shipibo Onanyas in all aspects of our operations.

A key tenet of our religion is the use of two Shipibo master plants – the sacred ayahuasca vine and its sister plant Chacruna which we collectively call the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is a self-aware entity that, when ingested, allows people to experience their own divinity and the sentience of all animate and inanimate matter.

This gives our members increased clarity, a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves as human beings, increased integration into family and community and a general respect and appreciation for all living things. It rekindles the joy of life and our own self-love.

Our ceremonies are based on traditional Shipibo religious practices but we also understand that these practices are living practices and are meant to expand and evolve as our own understanding expands and evolves.

The purpose of our ceremonies is for each Companionship member to discover their own path of spiritual development, enlightenment and to find their own inner spiritual voice.

Our ceremony facilitators are here to provide assistance to our members in this process.

The ceremonies are conducted legally and in an altruistic sense.

We do not adhere to a static doctrine or set of practices. The Companionship is a collaboration, a living and evolving organization based on the teachings of the master plants and the collective wisdom of our membership.

The Companionship is guided by the wisdom of the plants and our own humanity. All Companionship activities and undertakings are based on our publicly-stated set of values.

Upholding these values and putting them into practice is the responsibility of everyone who chooses to become a member of the Companionship.

We encourage and support our member’s participation not only in their own spiritual development in the ceremonies but in all aspects of the Companionship’s operations and practices.

We wish you all the best in your quest for spiritual development and we remain your faithful servants in this regard. May you find the light, love, beauty and joy that you so richly deserve,

The Companionship of the Sacred Vine