The Companionship is a volunteer organization – everything on this website is the work of the organizing committee.


Noe LopezOnanya – Noe is one of six Shipibo brothers – all of whom work extensively with plant medicines. He has 23 years of experience serving ayahuasca and is a lineage Onanya of his own tradition – the Shipibo tradition. Noe works with a wide range of master plants but has a particular affinity for Ronin Waste, Chowechaki, and Chakoni Rao. He says these plants, in particular, are very powerful and have strong healing energies. In terms of Western participation in traditional ceremonies, Noe is a firm advocate of allowing all nationalities to experience the healing powers of Ayahuasca. The plant medicines are very beneficial for healing the body, soul, and mind and he has played witness to many people who have benefited from this healing power.


Tony LopezOnanya – Tony is the brother of Noe and is a lineage Onanya who has been working with plant medicines in the Shipibo tradition for the last 24 years. He was initiated by his grandfather by way of a year-long ‘dieta’ – a strict Shipibo plant medicine diet. Tony has knowledge of a wide range of master plants but his major influences are Chaikoni Rao, Ayahuasca, Waste (piripiri) and Ronin Waste (Anaconda Piripiri). The Lopez brothers were all heavily influenced by their grandfather, Jose. Tony is based in Peru but has also traveled internationally for ceremonies and he has a deep knowledge of numerous Shipibo medicines. At this time, Tony is practicing near Pucallpa, Peru. His philosophy with the plant medicines is that all people should become their own witnesses to the healing, connection, and liberation of the master plants. Tony can be contacted via email or on Messenger under Tony Javier Lopez Lopez.



Reverend Richard R. Brandl – Advisory Member, After-Care Co-ordinator, Facilitator – In 1997 after a near-death experience, the Universe brought Rick many spiritual teachers. Rick was taught by Ojibwa elders about sweat lodges and was given pipe-carrier status and he also trained with a Sioux Medicine woman. His ayahuasca experience includes training with an Ayahuascera and other gifted Ayahuasceros and also experiences with the Church of Santo Daime. He was taught and initiated by a wonderul Kahuna and became a practitioner of Huna as well. Now after nineteen years of drinking the medicine and still an eternal student, he is also trained as an NLP Master Practitioner, a Reiki Master, Grief Recovery Specialist, Addiction Recovery Coach, Psychedelic Integration Coach, Yoga instructor and Registered Massage Therapist. For fun, he enjoys jujitsu.  contact


Allan Finney – Companionship Coordinator, Advisory Member, Facilitator – Allan’s ayahuasca experience started with several trips to Peru for ceremonies and dietas with Master Onanya Roger Lopez, Noe Lopez and Tony Lopez. He continued his plant medicine work in Canada with a Canadian Onanya and eventually started facilitating ceremonies. Allan also operates the AyahuascaCanada website and has produced a series of videos for the AyahuascaCanada YouTube Channel. Besides his experience with ayahuasca Allan brings business and business consulting experience to the operation of the Companionship and has written extensively about decentralized management systems.  contact



Eíra M. Wiese – Companionship Advisory Member, Facilitator – Eira was an experienced practitioner of various healing modalities including yoga, meditation, soma therapy and MDMA therapy before undertaking her work with plant medicines.  Her plant medicine work started with extended trips to Peru for Huachuma (San Pedro) and Abuela (ayahuasca) ceremonies and dietas. Eira trained as an alumni (Icaros) with a master Onaya in Peru and has a deep understanding of song and voice in healing. Eira continues her work with various plant medicines in Denmark and Hungary and will be further expanding her studies in Peru.  email