Companionship management structure

The Companionship is a volunteer organization – everything on the website is the work of the organizing committee.

Companionship Management

Companionship management is a function and a responsibility rather than a rank and a privilege. We exist as an organization to be of service to our members. Each and every member has equal input into the Companionship and we believe in mobilizing every ounce of intelligence of our member base.

The Companionship of the Sacred Vine operates on de-centralized and fully transparent management principles. All Companionship decisions and operations must adhere to our values and principles.

Members of the organization are encouraged and empowered to suggest new activities, modify current activities or operations and ensure that all Companionship activities are operated within our stated values and principles.

Members’ needs and feedback into this process are essential and members are highly encouraged to take part in the after-ceremony surveys and our feedback forms.

Without member input, decisions can’t be made about changes that may be required in the Companionship operating procedures and policies.

Under our decentralized structure accountability is built into the Companionship as all activities must adhere to our publicly-stated policies and procedures which are available for review throughout this website.

Any member, helper, facilitator or anyone working within the Companionship organization is responsible for carrying out the policies and procedures and does so with the full support of the Companionship organization.

So how does the Companionship management work?

First of all, members’ input and concerns are at the forefront of our decision-making process. As such, all members are given an opportunity and are encouraged to provide input into Companionship policies, procedures and activities.

On-going input and quality control is done through the formal surveys and questionnaires sent out to members after every ceremony. It is vitally important for members to fill out these forms and provide their input.

As well, there is a feedback form in our membership area for members to express individual concerns not dealt with in the survey forms and any member can use the general email inbox or call our working committee representatives if they need further information or have any concerns.

For example – if a particular facilitator is receiving criticism for how he is operating a ceremony or if concerns are brought up about the facility itself or a helper in the ceremonies, the facilitator working group will move quickly to address these concerns. Members will be advised about actions taken or how the situation is being resolved.

All problems or issues are dealt with in a fully transparent manner. All facilitators are part of the facilitator working group(s) and are tasked to review any issues identified by members. All member concerns whether done through the formal surveys, our member feedback system or via email or phone will be addressed by the working group.

This provides oversight for the operation of the ceremonies, individual facilitators, helpers or anyone conducting activities on behalf of the Companionship.

Management of the Companionship organization itself including financial and legal matters, taxation, accounting, facility management and other practical operational considerations are handled by Companionship members who may undertake these duties, as well as through paid professionals or companies that we may contract to supply these services.

All individuals or companies wishing to undertake paid work for the Companionship will be screened and vetted by the facilitator working group(s) that will be affected or impacted operationally. Typically, we require three competitive bids on any major project for the Companionship.

Policies and procedures around operational concerns are handled by committees set up for this purpose, individuals within the organization, facilitator committees or members who have been tasked with oversight and completion of the work. All operational procedures are carried out under our published working guidelines and any documents are available for review or perusal.