Companionship International

The Companionship is a volunteer organization – everything on the website is the work of the organizing committee.

If you would like to start an international branch of the Companionship or co-ordinate activities in your country or area, please contact Allan Finney – af*****@sa*********************.com">click here.

Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos

Alan Trilessky – is interested in establishing a branch of the Companionship in South East Asia – Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. Alan speaks eight languages and would like to connect with people here to open discussions about the Companionship and plant medicines. Please contact via WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal: +855886985523


Eíra M. Wiese – Companionship Advisory Member, Facilitator – Eira was an experienced practitioner of various healing modalities including yoga, meditation, soma therapy and MDMA therapy before undertaking her work with plant medicines.  Her plant medicine work started with extended trips to Peru for Huachuma (San Pedro) and Abuela (ayahuasca) ceremonies and dietas. Eira trained as an alumni (Icaros) with a master Onaya in Peru and has a deep understanding of song and voice in healing. Eira continues her work with various plant medicines in Denmark and Hungary and will be further expanding her studies in Peru.  email


Rob van der Heide – Companionship member – Rob started with ayahuasca in 2018 and is interested in spirituality and entheogens. His educational background includes microbiology, food technologies and quality control. Rob would welcome inquiries about setting up a branch of the Companionship in the Netherlands –  email